Deposit & Withdrawal policy

The withdrawal process for your account with Binary21 will be discussed here.


Binary21 always has its clients at the center of attention and therefore, unlike other sites; the withdrawal process at Binary21 is simple and straightforward. We have ensured that the withdrawal process remains simple for you and yet secured from any unwanted intervention.


To initiate the withdrawal process, log into your account with Binary21 and then proceeding to the Banking page and selecting the ‘Withdrawal’ option. Fill out the required input fields and click on ‘Next’.


As per the policy of Binary21, the withdrawal requests will be processed as per the original source of the finds. In an event that the amount requested for withdrawal exceeds the value of amount deposited by the credit card, the remainder of the value will be transferred via wire transfer.


Binary21 strongly complies with anti-money laundering policies and has zero tolerance for any sort of fraud. The first withdrawal with Binary21 will be successful only when the following documentations are provided to Binary21:


  • Active Official or Government-Issued ID with picture.
  • Proof of Current Address
  • If a Credit Card was used to deposit the funds then: the front and back of the credit card showing only the last 4 digits are needed.


**Please note that if multiple credit cards are used to deposit the funds, the documents mentioned above will be necessary for each credit card. An email notification will be provided to the customers regarding any documentation needed. Withdrawals can neither be processed nor confirmed until the receipt of the above-mentioned documents.


There are different withdrawal charges associated with certain Binary21 account types. If you have a REGULAR account, only your first withdrawal is free. If you have a GOLD account, you will have one free withdrawal per calendar month. Lastly, if you have a PLATINUM account, every single withdrawal is free. The credit card fees associated is 3.5% of the withdrawal amount. If you withdraw via a Money Bookers account, there is a 2% fee associated with the withdrawal of the requested amount. If you withdraw via a Liberty Reserve Account, a 1% fee is associated with the withdrawal of the requested amount. Any wire transfer has a standard fee of 30 USD/25 EUR/20 GBP/2500 JPY, depending on the currency in which the withdrawal amount is requested. There might be an additional fee for any intermediary banks involved in the withdrawal process.


Binary21 is committed to provide you the option to withdraw money anytime of the day and anytime of the week. However, as mentioned earlier, the withdrawal requests can be processed only after we have verified your identity, based on the documents that you provide us, which happens during our business hours. Once the verification process is complete, you can withdraw your money in the future anytime you want, provided you don’t violate any or all of our terms and conditions.


There is no constant withdrawal limit; rather the withdrawal limit is defined to be the amount of fund currently available in the account. Moreover, there is no minimum withdrawal amount for Moneybookers and Liberty Reserve at Binary21. The withdrawal requests are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible as we are committed to release the requested funds to you without any unnecessary delays. The withdrawal process can be expedited if you can send the above-mentioned documents for verification to us at your earliest, so that by the time you want to withdraw the amount, your identity verification is already done.


As usual, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or write us an email at [email protected].