Bonus Terms & Conditions

Binary21 will strictly comply with the following Bonus Terms & Conditions of Binary21 policies when providing any bonus or benefits to the client. It is solely the responsibility of the client to stay updated with the terms and conditions. The client is liable to be devoid of any previously offered or pending bonus or any benefits that he/she is entitled to from Binary21 if it is determined that any sort of trading activity performed by the client has been abused, irrespective of the circumstance. Any future or past benefits or bonus offered to the client shall be disqualified if the client is found guilty of violating all or any of the term and conditions of Binary21. The changes and/or disqualification in/of the bonus and benefits can happen without any prior notice.


Current 100% Bonus offering

The bonus and benefit promotions are available for a limited time per registered client. Registered clients should meet the following conditions to be deemed eligible for Binary21’s bonus and benefit promotions offer:

A.The registered client should open an account or have an account opened with a minimal initial deposit of USD 200 or its equivalent in a different currency.

B: The 100% new accounts Bonus offering consist of 2 rounds of 50% bonuses. The registered client will receive the first 50% of the bonus on opening the account and should make the trade volume reach 50 times his/her original deposit within 30 day’s of opening account. Once the account’s trade volume has reached 50 times its original deposit, the account of the registered client will be credited with the second round of 50% of initial deposit. 


For example, if a client registers an account with Binary21 with an initial deposit of $1,000 then his/her account will be immediately credited with $500 or 50% on top of the initial deposit as a bonus. The next $500 or 50% bonus will be credited to the account once his/her trade volume reaches 50 times the original initial deposit.


The bonus and benefits offered by Binary21 can be redeemed if and only if the above terms and condition have been met. Any value, which falls short of these terms and conditions by any measure, may not be redeemed under any circumstance and may be returned directly to Binary21 without any third party intervention.

In a case of a withdrawal, if either full or partial sum of the total deposit is requested without satisfying any or all of the above terms and condition , the following actions will happen with no bias, whatsoever:

1.The cancellation of bonus or any benefit will take effect immediately.

2.In the event that the withdrawal of funds has been disabled from the trading account, for further trading actions, the following actions will take place as a consequence:

i. The client (account holder) shall be held responsible for any losses.

ii.The client’s account balance will be deprived of any profit inflow and the profits shall be deducted accordingly.


*Binary21 reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice or approval. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your ac count manager or email us at  [email protected]